A Family Business

Al-Baraka Farms is a family-owned and operated business.  Since 1989, the Naber family has been growing premium quality dates and this passion has been transferred from father to his children, continuing to be the working foundation for Al-Baraka Farms’ success.  With over 5134 dunums (31,900 square meters) of date plantations, the family supervises day-to-day activities, production, packaging, marketing and local and international distribution.

Salim Naber establishes first experimental date palm plantation, B2, of 1241 trees, in the Jordan Valley.

The first section of B1 Farm in Queira is planted.

Al-Baraka Farms Co. Ltd. is established as a limited liability company.

ABF plants third plantation, B3.

ABF exports first shipment to the United Kingdom.

ABF plants fourth plantation, B4, which produces pollen for the other farms.

ABF plants fifth plantation, B6.

ABF plants seventh plantation.

ABF opens first retail outlet.

ABF plants eighth plantation.

ABF registers six new seed varieties in the MOA in Jordan; the first Jordanian date palm varieties to ever be registered.

ABF plants ninth plantation.

ABF begins planting tenth plantation. ABF expands plantation , by buying an adjacent land and continuing planting with several successful varieties.

ABF begins planting eleventh plantation

Salim Naber is honored for his role in the date palm world at the 2015 “Khalifa International Date Palm Award” in Abu Dhabi.