Corporate Social Responsibility

At Al-Baraka Farms, corporate social responsibility is our top priority. In everything we do – energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, food safety, and contributing to our communities – we’re serious about our role as a catalyst for change. We constantly strive to do more and do it better, because what we do today leaves a legacy for future generations.

Below are our four areas of focus:

Energy Efficiency

Reducing Energy

Our farms reduce energy consumption through improved operational efficiency. We have made significant strides in reducing our electricity and natural gas consumption in our drying, processing, and storage facilities. By using solar energy, removing unnecessary motors, capturing waste heat, sealing cooling leaks, and other measures have all added to reduced energy consumption.

Introducing Renewable Energy

Al-Baraka Farms uses solar energy to reduce our energy needs on-site.

Environmental Stewardship


We produce our own organic compost and use it on our plantations to reduce the dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Conservation of Water

Al-Baraka Farms takes numerous precautions in the production phase to conserve water. Our practices include

reduction of water usage through highly efficient irrigation systems.

Reducing Packaging

We aim to reduce our packaging dependencies with a  15% reduction by 2017 by redesigning our dried dates boxes and use of the outer sleeve on boxes.

Logistics / Carbon Footprint

We implement efficient logistics operations by ensuring salesmen routes are linked geographically to retail outlets to help to reduce transport miles.

Food Safety

Food Safety Programs

We use Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points program (HACCP) as a guide in our pack houses.

Food Safety Audits

Our food safety systems and procedures begin on the farm and follow our supply chain right through to you, our customer.

We carry out bi-annual audits on the farms and in our pack houses, using  EUREPGAP standards.

Making a Positive Difference in Our Community

Job Creation

Al-Baraka Farms is committed to creating job opportunities in the communities where our farms are located. We aim to ensure that  we employ local community members and train them in new  skills. In our various rural communities, Al-Baraka Farms employs over 100 local community members.

Empowering Women

Women, for example, are the top beneficiaries of such job opportunities, where they bring income to their families, improve their living standards, and learn new skills. Al Baraka Farms currently employs over 80 women.

Supporting Local Suppliers

Al-Baraka Farms works with local suppliers wherever we can – local companies and producers are currently supplying us with over 200 different products. Furthermore, Al-Baraka Farms purchases its daily supplies from the areas surrounding the farms to encourage economic growth and advancement of the local communities.

Making a Difference In Our Communities

In addition to job creation, Al-Baraka Farms works to support local communities to become self-sufficient and sustainable. Local farmers are encouraged by Al-Baraka Farms to plant date palm trees and are provided with the guidance and technical expertise to support their own private farms.

Consumer Education

Making nutritional information clearer

Al Baraka Farms is committed to providing clear nutritional information on our products. We are dedicated to  give customers at-a-glance nutritional information in a simple, accessible format allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions.