Our Services

Al-Baraka Farms’ Services

Our core business remains farm based, however our services are being called on by the date palm sector, to provide expertise in project development and management.

Consulting Services

Al Baraka Farms  offers consulting on date farm plantations, from planting to branding.

If you are looking for advice on purchasing a property, or fine-tuning an existing investment in the areas of date palm farms, then Al-Baraka Farms Consulting Services can offer a wealth of practical options and sound advice.

Our services include:

  • Site Assessments
  • Farm Planning
  • Irrigation Mapping
  • Turn-key Date Farm Plantations
  • Packhouse Design
  • Training Courses
  • Full farm supervision
  • Planned management visits
  • Casual consultations

Offshoot Sales

Al-Baraka Farms specializes in the sale of date palm offshoots of different varieties. Offshoots are sold locally and also exported with all the necessary documentation.

Pollen Sales

Al-Baraka Farms also sells pollen, which has been laboratory tested and approved, against diseases.