Our Facilities

At Al-Baraka Farms, we grow, harvest, process and pack our date products. We have control from offshoot to warehouse to ensure quality and great taste in every date.


Al-Baraka Farms has 4 cool rooms on our farms as well as the main packhouse.


Al-Baraka Farms have one  principal packhouse, as well as 6 on-farm packhouses. These facilities allow us to pack our products fresh on the farm to ensure quality.

Drying Houses

After the dates are harvested, they are  moved to the drying rooms to remove moisture should the dates be too soft.

Hydration Tunnels

After the dates are harvested, they are moved to hydration tunnels to add moisture should they be too dry.

Grading Lines

Al-Baraka Farms has a selection of different grading lines, depending on the date variety, size and color.  All dates are hand selected, allowing for premium quality control. We are also able to pack on demand, which means the very freshest dates for our consumers.


Al-Baraka Farms manufactures many different date products in our processing facility which is located outside of Amman. In addition to our date production facilities, Al-Baraka Farms has chocolate tempering, enrobing and cooling lines and fruit leather cooking, dosing and cooling lines.


Our products are made and packed to order and shipped fresh daily from our warehouse.