Date Palm Selection

The selection of different varieties of date palms is done after testing different areas, and considering which varieties are better-suited to each particular location and to the conditions each particular geographical area. In the Queira area, for example, after studying the temperature reports, ABF concluded that the date harvest falls later than that of the Jordan Valley area. Therefore, ABF decided to plant big quantities of Barhi dates in that plantation in order to have a later harvesting season, and be able to supply its clients a longer time. Another specific choice was planting bigger quantities of the Lulu date in the B6 farm, where after trials were completed, ABF realized that the soil and climate was particularly suitable for the Lulu date, with much better results than in the other farms.

Soil Management
The management of the soil in our different farms is very important in order to enhance and protect the soil quality, which in turn gives us a better fruit (particularly in its size and taste). However, ABF’s biggest  nd most effective method in order to protect and enhance the productivity of the soil, is to have regular additions of composted manure to the date palms. ABF adds yearly an average of 200 Liters of composted manure to each palm tree. Al-Baraka Farms has compared on many occasions newly planted trees in neighboring farms and in its own farms, with ABF adding the composted manure to its trees; and the difference in six years for ABF in both the health of the tree and the quality of the fruit between the farms is extraordinary.

Al-Baraka Farms’ philosophy regarding fertilization is that the most important product is (as above) composted manure. However, every year, nutrient analysis of the soil and fronds of the palms are done, and accordingly, should there be any nutrients missing, they will be added in those particular plots. Also, in all its water pools, ABF grows fish. The fish add nutrients to the water, and then this nitrogen-enriched water is used to irrigate the palm trees. In trials that ABF has done with normal water and with fishwater,the results on the date piece was a healthier crop with the fish water.